We take anything in on Trade …. Really!

July 24th, 2018 | Erik Kropman

Hey guys, I am Erik, one of our Sales Managers here at Owasco VW. Many of you have probably seen the line we put on our ads saying “We take anything in on Trade” and people always come to me and say … yeah right! It’s 100% true though! If you have something you would like to trade in, we will take a look and try to make it work!

Here is some of our favourite trade-ins that we have gotten that aren’t cars:

✔ Sea-doo
✔ Harley (multiple)
✔ Trailers & RVs
✔ Scooters
✔ ATVs
and so many more!

If you have something you want to trade in, just let us know! A lot of customers initially think it would be best to just sell privately, but the big difference between trading in with us and selling it privately is the tax benefit you get. You only pay tax on the difference between your trade and your new vehicle, which can potentially save you a lot!